ZEM – Rack deburring machine



The principle

The ZEM automatically deburr rack teeth after the grinding process. For this purpose the racks pass round brushes on both sides of the toothed area. These remove the burr without reducing the quality of the surface. The wear of the brush is continuously adjusted to achieve a constant result during deburring.

The basic machine

The basic machine consists of a stable welding construction with suction of the grinding dust. The brushes can be adjusted to the inserted racks.


Highly rigid construction

The rigid construction guarantees a long lifespan combined with highest precision.

Production Non-Stop

Standard fully automatic deburring.


A well thought-out operating concept enables ergonomic handling and short training times.

details and equipment

Operation / programming

After programming for a cross-section for the first time, the data can be stored as a program and can be reloaded at any time. After the program has been selected, the machine automatically sets itself to the saved parameters. The change to a different cross section can be made within seconds.

Rack input

Automatic feed via cross conveyor belt.