ZLM – automatic rack measuring maschines


Product description

The Principle

The ZLM automatically measures racks. For this purpose, up to two racks are placed on the magnetic plate and initially measured the torsion and deflection by confocal position sensor. Subsequently, the rack is stretched over two magnetic fields first laterally of the attachment bar and then down. Finally, the rack teeth are measured with a confocal position sensor.

The basic machine:

The basic machine consists of a stable welding construction. The measurement runs automatically after entering the rack parameters.



Highly rigid construction

The rigid construction guarantees a long lifespan combined with highest precision and maximum availability. Latest linear drive technology, generously dimensioned high-precision linear rail guides and scales of lengths allow increasing accuracy. Measuring distances can be superimposed by three confocal position measuring sensors, thus enabling additional speed.


A well thought-out operating concept enables ergonomic handling and short training times.

Time saving

A rack can be completely measured in less than three minutes.

Operation / programming

After initial programming of any cross section or profile, it can be saved as a program and loaded again at any time. After selecting the program, the machine automatically sets itself to the desired parameters. The conversion to a new cross-section or a new profile thus takes place within a few seconds.